Welcome to our magnificent world of mentoring!

My grandest hope is that each of you will make the choice to mentor a child.  Even with over 250 partnerships, there are always over 30 youth on a waiting list – just waiting for someone to step up and give them a little extra time and attention.

The chance to influence a child’s life presents an immense opportunity. We ask our mentors to really take time to get to know their junior partners. We encourage mentors to share their own stories, their education, their challenges, and their struggles.  That is the process in which our young people can realize their own potential.

Each of us has the ability to move beyond the circumstances that we were born into.  That’s really the story of mentoring, that through hard work and perseverance, you can choose the life you want to live.

We ask our mentors to give valuable time to their junior partners.  We ask the junior partners only one thing – to give back by doing the same for someone else.  The splendor of being a mentor is that anyone can do it at any age.  The most excellent way for junior partners to thank their mentors is by turning around and helping pull someone else up. We are all capable of that!

Gunnison Valley Mentors has an unwavering commitment to our vision, that every child deserves a mentor. Think about that right now.  No matter how far any of us climb, we can choose to pull up a child along the way.

Graciously yours,

Tina McGuinness
Executive Director