Mentoring Resources


Mentoring is a wonderfully special skill we all have to give to another person.  When you decide to “be a mentor” you take a step into the art of giving and we are here to support you.  Please peruse this collection of resources and feel free to let us know what additional information you need to be the best mentor possible!

Here is an interview with Susan Weinberger, a.k.a., Dr. Mentor. Her knowledge and insights are incredibly valuable to every mentor working towards youth success.

Dr. Susan Weinberger (aka. “Dr. Mentor”) has been recognized for her expertise in establishing, maintaining, and evaluating school and community-based mentoring programs and school-to-work initiatives. Her work has been published widely and the program she designed has been replicated in more than 40 States, as well as in Bermuda and Canada.

[audio: Mentor.mp3]

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