Looking for activities to enjoy together? Look no further!
We have many resources for you and your Mentor and Mentee.

Pinterest is a great source of things to do together.
Click here for some fun ideas.

 Fly a Kite 
 Feed the Ducks
 Skip Rocks
 Make a movie   
 Plant a Garden
 Look at the Wildflowers in Crested Butte
 Hike to the "Devils" Punchbowl
 Visit WSCU Campus
 Learn another language
 Have a Game Night
 Make Jewelry
 Hike at Hartman Rocks
 Hike "W" Mountain
 Put on a play
 Learn to Hula-Hoop
Go to the Dollar Store
Do a Service Project
Hike the Dillon Pinnacles
Play Frisbee Golf or Tennis
Have a Beauty Day
Go on a Scavenger Hunt
Try Origami
Take the bus to Crested Butte
Get involved in 4H
Explore the community on bikes
Have a Picnic
Bake bread, cookies,or other goodies
Paint Faces
Keep a Journal
Visit the Black Canyon
Read a good book
Build a Birdhouse
Make homemade play-dough
Go to the Skate Park
Visit the Gunnison Pioneer Museum
Visit the Observatory
Go to the Blue Mesa
Volunteer at the Nursing Home
Go to the Gothic Ghost Town
Play Ping Pong
Have a water fight
Go out to Ice Cream
Go to the Library
Start a band
Try Rock Climbing
Go to the CB Nordic Center
Dip Pretzels in melted chocolate
Go to a sports game
Work on a new hobby
Cook Dinner
Go swimming